by Aishah Macgill

Do you love the crisp caress of new paper under your fingertips?

Are you excited by the scent of pulp and ink that wafts through the ether as you flip through the pages of a brand new book in the bookshop?

Do you linger and loiter in the dark alleys of the local library?

Do you always need (oh no, not another xxx bookshelf!) more book furniture?

Is your house shrinking?

Is there a precarious stack of books on your bedside table?

Are you barely able to contain your excitement of a great underpriced score at your local book exchange?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any, or all of these questions, you may just be one of the most sophisticated addicts of our society, ‘The Book Addict!’

But don’t worry, this is an addiction that feeds the soul, not rob it, and books are a panacea for almost all ills, healing us as we absorb each word. I have never seen a news story, ‘Teenagers rampage after out of control youths read book!’

How many books do you buy in a year?

Do you prefer real books or ebooks?

I would love to know what YOU prefer, eBook or paper book?