Self Pub eBook Sales Climbing

by Aishah Macgill According to Bowker Marketing Research, self published eBooks now have a 12% share of the entire digital marketplace. Depending on the genre, some eBook sales are apparently as Read More -->

List your book on the Book Depository

by Aishah Macgill Many indie authors ask me: "How do I get my book listed for sale on the Book Depository?" There is only one criteria. Your book must be Read More -->

Are You Dyslexic? New Dyslexia Font

by Aishah Macgill Are you dyslexic? There is a new open free font available that may assist sufferers of Dyslexia to read better. It is weighted down the bottom of the font which is supposed to make dyslexia Read More -->

Free eBook on Kindle

by Aishah Macgill My latest novel, The Day My Mother Murdered HERSELF is available for free download on Amazon for kindle. It's not for the faint hearted. It explores the inner Read More -->

Make Money With Fan Fiction On Amazon

by Aishah Macgill Amazon Publishing has today announced 'Kindle Worlds'.  It is surprisingly, the very first publishing platform enabling anyone to write fan-fiction - AND earn royalties, legally! Amazon Publishing Read More -->