Need a US Bank Account?

By Aishah Macgill

Kindle Publishing Tip

Great news indie authors or absolutely anyone who needs to collect money for any reason from the USA and you don’t have a US bank account.

Payoneer have a debit card system which also grants you a US bank account number. It is a virtual bank account, but they state in their application that Amazon will pay into your Payoneer account.

They call it a US Payment Service.

You have to submit all the usual details to open a bank account including photo ID.

I have submitted my photo ID, a colour scan of my photo ID.

Beats waiting months for cheques in the snail mail.

It’s a simple process, quite quick and the money is easily transferred onto the card. It not only works for book royalty payments, but anyone can deposit money from anywhere in the world into this account. (Great if you are travelling too!)

The following is a list of some of the online businesses you can request your earnings be placed into your Payoneer US Payment Service. There is a full list of companies on the application form.

  • Barnes & Noble
  • eBay
  • E-Trade Financial Corporation
  • Etsy
  • Google

Link to Payoneer to apply for your debit card and US Payment Service, click here.

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