Two Publishers Taking Submissions

By Aishah Macgill

Two Australian publishing houses have opened up recently and are accepting submission of manuscripts from the general public. Both are looking mainly for romantic ficiton. Both are looking to publish in eBook format only.

Destiny Romance is the digital publishing arm of Penguin Australia. They are hunting for, I quote, “from sweet and tender through to saucy and sensual” romantic fiction.

Under the banner of romance, they are also open to publishing:

  • contemporary
  • historical
  • suspense
  • paranormal
  • sci fi
  • erotica

Destiny Romance also state if you have come up with a new style of romance, they are interested in that too.

They are accepting short stories which is great for all authors who may be sitting on that old thing they wrote years ago and never quite finished or managed to stretch it to full novel size. They are also accepting full length novels of 100,000 plus words. They will not consider anything less than 25,000 words, non-fiction, childrens or poetry.

You can submit to Destiny Romance here

Harlequin Escape, is searching for authors in all romance genres. These books will be published on a new website which will only sell eBooks.

They are looking for trilogies, cross genre experiments and rule breaking characters. They require a 100 word synopsis plus a full digital file to upload upon application.

  • contemporary romance
  • historical romance
  • paranormal romance
  • romanctic fantasy
  • romantic thrillers
  • urban fantasy
  • sci fi romance
  • dystopian
  • steampunk
  • saga with romantic elements
  • erotic romance
  • MM romance
  • FF romance

You can submit to Harlequin Escape here

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