I loved writing this book!

This story is my current personal favourite.

My fans may beg to differ, but I feel this novel reveals something of my quirkiness.

It is also an exploration of the high’s and the low’s of ordinary peoples lives. It also examines the notion, that behind every door, or in the depths our subconcious mind, there can be another life, one at loggerheads with what we portray to the world- even to those closest to us, a secret life.

Drive down any suburban street in any city in the world and ponder the fa├žades. Here is the ordinary on the outside, but no one really knows what’s going on – on the inside. Rather like the mind of each and every person on earth.

What is seen and what is unseen can be a schism, and when we find out the truth of what is actually going on…

Then there are manipulative individuals who try not to expose their true selves to anybody. Yet, someone close to them may become privy to what is really happening.

And some individuals put other’s self belief and sanity on the line to cover up their own unfortunate secrets. They inconceivably weave a web of deceit and appear to believe their own lies.

Are you intrigued enough to read, The Day My Mother Murdered …herself ?

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