Self Pub eBook Sales Climbing

by Aishah Macgill According to Bowker Marketing Research, self published eBooks now have a 12% share of the entire digital marketplace. Depending on the genre, some eBook sales are apparently as Read More -->

Free or 99c eBooks

by Aishah Macgill Here is a list of free or 99c eBooks to download from Amazon Kindle store. These books will be free for a short period of time. Some will revert back to Read More -->

How To Write A Great Query Letter

By Aishah Macgill There are three basic requirements for a query letter to submit to a publisher or literary agent.
  1. Tagline for your book
  2. A short but concise synopsis of your book
  3. Read More -->

Random House Taking Submissions

By Aishah Macgill Random House has opened their digital publishing portal and are currently seeking submissions from the general public. It appears to be open to citizens of the entire world as long Read More -->

Cheap Kindle eBooks

By Aishah Macgill Hot off the ePress! Here are some of the latest kindle eBooks released by indie authors worldwide. These books are all priced at $0.99c for a period of time or permanently. Read More -->