Book Covers

My New Book Cover

by Aishah Macgill It's bigger than Ben Hur! More controversial than the Archibald prize! With the kind assistance of everyone who responded, I have now decided on the final book cover. It was Read More -->

Vote On My New Book Cover

by Aishah Macgill My latest novel is almost finished! In the meantime, I have been working on my bookcover design. I can't decide which one to use. Please tell me which one you like best, if Read More -->

Gina Rinehart Releases Book

by Aishah Macgill 'Northern Australia and Then Some - Changes We Need to Make Our Country Rich' by Gina Rinehart. Gina who? If you don't know who Gina Rinehart is and you Read More -->

New Book from J K Rowling

By Aishah Macgill What do you think of the book cover for J K Rowling's new book for grown up's, The Casual Vacancy? To me, it looks like she did it herself. Maybe she is Read More -->