Walking On Velvet is the title of my memoir.

It traces my life from childhood through to this century.

It was cathartic to write, as all memoirs are.

At the present time I am in two minds whether or not to publish this book.

I had already completed it once, and I lost the first final book file in a computer virus.

Fortunately, I still had all my original notes, so rewriting was not totally from scratch, nontheless,

I still had to rewrite the whole book and it took me another year.

This book is currently not being edited, though I wish it was, and will perhaps be available soon.

The question most on my mind is this, how much of myself do I wish to expose to the world?

Without the really juicy bits I am concerned about making public, I feel it would be a tad boring if I removed them.

I am going to ponder this quandry for a little longer.