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Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

If you love to review books for others, this is the link to register your interest in being a book reviewer for the 2015 online edition: If you are an author, and you would like to find reviewers to Read More -->

Do YOU Own Your Book Reviews on Amazon?

by Aishah Macgill More news is filtering through the grapevine that Amazon are removing legitimate book reviews. The latest ripple is that Amazon are deleting book reviews by authors about other books in the same Read More -->

The Vatican Weighs in on Book Reviews? WTF?

By Aishah Macgill I was astonished to read that the Vatican newspaper reviews books and movies. The Papal representatives were 'less than impressed' with JK Rowlings Read More -->

Would You Pay For A Book Review?

By Aishah Macgill There has been a lot of buzz online about the practice of getting paid book reviews on Amazon and other book review sites. One of the most well known indie Read More -->

Confessions of An Economic Hitman

By Aishah Macgill Have you ever wondered how the world monetary system really works? How it impacts on our daily life? Have you ever wondered about how the oil industry, the war machine and economics are intertwined? Read More -->