Where Is Your Special Writing Place?

by Aishah Macgill

My Writing Hole. Whenever I talk with people who want to write a book and get it published, one of the first issues that commonly pops up is either starting to write their book or making writing time.

My first question always is, “Well, where do you sit when you write?”

I cannot stress how important it is to find that special place that enables you to write. This is completely different for everyone. My special place is in a cafe. I have some favourites and I am certain they welcome my regular custom. I am one of  those people who can write better when surrounded by buzz and noise, the din of  life. AND I love being able to just nod or click my fingers and get a drink or something to eat. That enables me to keep going uninterupted.

Where is your favourite place to write? Some authors have already told me:

“In front of the TV, watching Sky News”

“My writing desk faces a window, which looks out onto the ocean in the distance”

“Surrounded by kids toys”

“My own special corner of the lounge room, facing the bathroom, sad but true…”

“Some days I manage to clear a space on the kitchen table, long enough for me to get something done”

What the above indicates to me is that many people have not yet discovered that ‘special writing place’. That corner of the author universe where they will be most productive.

I had previously presumed that I was better off at my desk, at home, treated with reverent silence from the other household members. Phone switched off, stomach full, caffenated to the max; no background noise. Instead, for me, the exact opposite is true. I write best surrounded by noise, hustle and bustle. I love being able to look up and observe others too, enjoying a snapshot of  their life. Most people are at their best when enjoying down-time in a cafe.

So, when you are struggling to ‘get into it’, it may simply be an environmental circumstance, not a mental block! Try out a few different places. Maybe you might write best parked in the driveway in the car with music blaring? Doof Doof. Perhaps walking through a forest, on the beach, around town or in the city, talking into your iPhone recording app.

One key to successful writing is finding that magic place. It may not be where you think.

(PS The above photo is at my favourite ‘writing hole’)

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