Amazon Author Rank Update

by Aishah Macgill I have not been following my authur ranking on Amazon at all. However, today I decided I would check in and see where my ranking stands right now. When I first Read More -->

Win $50,000 Amazon Breakthrough Book Award

Get ready authors for the 14th of January, 2013 at 12:00:01 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). This is the moment when Amazon opens their portal for their annual Breakthrough Book Award. Prepare for it now Read More -->

How To Write A Great Query Letter

By Aishah Macgill There are three basic requirements for a query letter to submit to a publisher or literary agent.
  1. Tagline for your book
  2. A short but concise synopsis of your book
  3. Read More -->

Random House Taking Submissions

By Aishah Macgill Random House has opened their digital publishing portal and are currently seeking submissions from the general public. It appears to be open to citizens of the entire world as long Read More -->

Amazon to Double Kindle Select Payout

By Aishah Macgill Amazon to Double Kindle Select Payout Great news for any KDP select author. Amazon is set to double the payout per book lending for the month of December 2012. This is great news Read More -->

Gina Rinehart Releases Book

by Aishah Macgill 'Northern Australia and Then Some - Changes We Need to Make Our Country Rich' by Gina Rinehart. Gina who? If you don't know who Gina Rinehart is and you Read More -->