Publish Your Short Story on Kindle Singles

by Aishah Macgill

Have you written a short story that has never been published? If so, your book could qualify with Amazon for Kindle singles publication. If your story is between 5,000 and 30,000 words and has a start, a middle and a finish, the Amazon gods may shine on you and give you a publishing breakthrough! Remember, your book has to be approved by a team of editors to qualify for publication on kindle singles.

The kindle singles crew will also consider eBooks that have been recently published on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing platform).

The advantage of being accepted into the kindle singes platform, is that Amazon promote kindle singles somewhat themselves. It is open to publishing houses as well as self published authors.

Also, if successful, your kindle singles book will be enrolled in Amazon KDP select. That means an exclusive deal to Amazon.

Mishka Shubaly is one of the top Kindle Singles authors. Check out his author page here and to view a list of books, click here. Note that most of his reviews are 4 star. This indicates, to me at least, that 4 stars can also be best seller material.

To enrol your book in kindle singles and to view the terms and conditions, click here.

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