Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

By Aishah Macgill

What budding author wouldn’t love to win the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Alan Averill (no author profile on site yet, so I don’t know anything about him, a major faux par in my book) won the general fiction prize with his novel The Beautiful Land. So it won a breakthrough award. Want to know what the novel is about?

Reading the blurbs on Amazon, it has a boy meets girl plot, throw in a time machine, a depressed television host, an impending annihilation, a mysterious corporation and a last chance at redemption.

The blurb also says it’s a sci-fi novel for people who don’t read science fiction. I like that!

The grand prize is a $15,000 advance from Penguin and a publishing contract, I love that too!

The winners were selected by a panel consisting of authors, editors and agents but ultimately, it was Amazon customers who voted for the winners.

To view the book on Amazon, click on the book link.

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