Your Book Promo Blurb IS Important!

By Aishah Macgill

Your Book Promo Blurb IS Important!

Just a little tip for self published authors publishing on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks or any other electronic bookstore or blog online.

Please get someone else to look over your book promo blurb and your author bio! When I read a book promo and there are spelling mistakes, typo’s, incorrect grammar or punctuation, it does not make a good first impression!

Just as an author would edit their book, hopefully by a pro, not your Aunty Jane (unless she is a professional editor and proofreader), please, please please all indie authors, get your book blurb and author bio edited too!

In this case, a friend or relative is okay to edit and look over this for you. Though it would be worth your while to get a professional, perhaps your editor or a publicist, to write a book blurb and bio for you. In the very least be extra vigilant yourself in this area. After all, the book blurbs and author bio’s are short and sweet – and usually mistakes can be easily rectified even after the book has been published.

There is nothing that makes me squirm more than spotting errors here. It comes across as unprofessional and lazy. Mind you, I have seen mistakes in blurbs and bio’s from ‘big’ publishing houses too. You don’t expect them to stuff up, but they sometimes do. I have spotted many errors inside books published by big publishing houses too.

As someone who formats and designs book layouts, I do know how easy it is for some things to slip by. After we look at the same thing often enough, a kind of blindness sets in after the 2oth time we read through something. Oddly, I find I can spot errors easier once the book has been uploaded to the kindle device or a book in print rather than on the computer screen; even if the document is print ready.

So, please take a little bit of extra effort and care with your book blurbs and author bio’s. People DO read your blurb and bio before purchasing your book.

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